HealthySteps is an exciting, effective model of primary care that ensures all children have the best start to life.

HealthySteps supports families where they feel comfortable—their pediatrician’s office. Professionals known as HealthySteps Specialists work with doctors and staff in primary care offices to provide enhanced well-child visits and home visits focused on child development and parent support. HealthySteps is centered around the family and empowers parents to access quality information, helpful tools and needed services during the most important period in their child’s brain development, birth to 3 years old.

HealthySteps looks at the whole child, including his or her parents and environment. Specialists address the medical, emotional, and social determinants of health and well-being, leading to healthier, happier children and families. Regular developmental screening, parent protective and risk factor screening, appropriate referrals, and parent education are all core components of HealthySteps. Care coordination, phone or text support, and parent support groups are additional services often provided.


It really works: families enrolled in HealthySteps are twice as likely to receive timely well-child care and vaccinations and 9 times more likely to receive age-appropriate guidance for their children!*

It’s also easy to implement. Any pediatric or family medicine practice, residency training program, hospital-based clinic, academic medical center, or Federally-Qualified Health Center can become a certified HealthySteps site with guidance from our National Office. Unlike other medical home or home visiting models, HS is evidence-based and flexible. Specialists can serve all children and families, those at higher-risk or those with special needs. Any family can be enrolled in Healthy Steps depending on their needs!

We know our website is packed with information, but if you want more contact our National Office toll-free (844-464-9811) or via email ( We’d love to help you bring Healthy Steps to your patients and will guide you every step of the way.

You can also follow our step-by-step guide to become a certified Healthy Steps site, print our quick information sheet to get your colleagues excited, and visit our YouTube channel to see how Healthy Steps works in action.

Here’s why HealthySteps matters (courtesy of our friends at the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative). Welcome to pediatrics transformed.

*Minkovitz, Cynthia S., et al. “A practice-based intervention to enhance quality of care in the first 3 years of life: the Healthy Steps for Young Children Program.” JAMA 290.23 (2003): 3081-3091.